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How to Choose the Right Bedding, According to Parachute

Weddings bring promises of new beginnings and new bedding—thank you, wedding registry! With tons of bedding options, it’s hard to know which fabric is best for you and your partner. The right textile has the power to relax the mind and put the body at ease, to beckon you to bed each night, and return you to the world rejuvenated the next morning. Cue our friends at Parachute, the fast-growing home essentials brand based in Venice Beach, CA. We asked them to outline their three best-selling textiles so you can start your married life with the best sleep ever. Read Read More

5 Registry Gifts to Keep Your Home (and Marriage) Fresh

There is much to choose from when creating a registry, so a perfect starting point to consider is to add gifts that will bring you closer together as a newlywed couple. Marriage is a long, but exciting road, and you’ll be surprised by all the new things you learn along the way! Here are our recommendations for gifts that will keep your home and marriage feeling fresh:

Ralph Lauren Home

We at Zola are so excited to announce our newest brand to hit the site, Ralph Lauren Home. Synonymous with a luxurious lifestyle, the pieces are truly timeless. Plus, Ralph Lauren makes gifts that guests love to give, so you and your guests will be thrilled to see these picks on your wedding registry.

Fresh Start: Linens and Towels

You’ve noticed some fraying, pilling and fading on your essentials, think: linens and towels. And hey, there’s no use being in denial any longer because the new year is the perfect reason for a fresh start, especially when it comes to your basics. Do I have to?  Yes! And there is no better time than right now to get a fresh start. Even if my pieces aren’t that bad? Especially if your pieces aren’t “that bad” because the longer you wait, the worse they will get. How do I make sure I buy pieces that last?  We have you covered there. We’ve Read More

Beginner’s Guide To: Bedding Basics

When it comes to creating the perfect bedroom, choosing the right bedding basics is key. Forget about the headboard, the duvet cover, and the bedside table lamps for now. Let’s focus on those functional basics that can truly make or break your sleeping experience. Synthetic vs. Down When you’re choosing your pillows and comforters, you’ll need to decide whether to go for synthetic or down. Down is a more luxurious fabric so it’ll be more expensive than synthetic. Most opt for down unless they have an allergy or budget restriction. Comforters When choosing your comforter, you’ll notice that beyond size you can Read More