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Best Wedding Gifts of the Spring: Zola Couples’ Favorites

Looking for registry inspiration? Don’t miss out on the best wedding gifts of the spring. Browse through our best sellers list to see what other Zola couples love right now. 1 | SCHOTT ZWIESEL Pure Champagne Flute, Set of 6 Can’t wait to entertain in your new home? These champagne flutes are a must-have for those couples that love to serve a little bubbly at their get-togethers. 2 | OLD DUTCH Footed Colander Proof that a strainer does not have to be bland. Here’s a kitchen essential that is equal parts beauty and function. 3 | BREVILLE Mini Smart Toaster Oven Read More

Getting Started with Cookware

From skillets to pressure cookers to tagines, the cookware arena can be an intimidating one to master. Luckily our experts have broken down these cooking essentials with simple explanations (and photos!) to help you figure out exactly what you need to register for. Below are just a few of your cookware needs. Find our entire Buying Guide here. Skillet & Frying Pan Skillets are shallow to moderately deep with gently curved sides and long handles. Their shape is ideal for frying and searing. Tip: Use a non-stick pan when cooking delicate foods, such as omelettes and croquettes, but choose a traditional Read More

The 5 Knives Every Kitchen Needs

From chef’s knives to shears, cutlery can be an intimidating category. With cutlery blocks of up to 17 pieces or more, how do you decide which knives you’ll actually use? With help from Zola’s experts, we took our Wüsthof knives for a test spin and rounded up the top five knives every kitchen needs. 1. Paring A paring knife is a small, thin knife known for fine cuts and easy maneuvering. You’ll use it for peeling fruits and vegetables. Think prepping your potatoes for some yummy mash, or trimming the ends off green beans. Try this: 2. Chef Chef’s knives are essential, all-purpose knives that Read More