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Should You Take a Mini-Moon?

If you have any friends who’ve gotten married in recent months or years, you’ve probably heard at least one of them talking about planning a mini-moon. Growing in popularity, a mini-moon (i.e. a short, or “mini,” honeymoon) is a nice solution for couples who want to take a more extravagant trip sometime later on (maybe after they’ve recouped some of their wedding expenses), but still want to celebrate with their new spouse right after the wedding. But what really are the differences between regular honeymoons and mini-moons, and how do you know whether one is right for you? To satisfy Read More

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Top Honeymoon Destinations for Every Personality Type

The vacation wizards at are back with us again, folks—this time sharing the top honeymoon destinations couples should consider based upon their personality type. Don’t we all love a personalized recommendation based on exactly who we are at our core? Well read on, you individualists—find out where you and your beau should head as soon as the confetti has been swept up. Every couple has their own unique personality, which means the perfect honeymoon ideas are different for everyone. For an outgoing, museum-loving couple, the ideal honeymoon idea might involve a big city, with lots of museum-hopping and nights Read More

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Honeymoon Tips: Where To Save, Where To Splurge

Guys, honeymoons are a BIG. DEAL. Whether you embark on a honeymoon right after your wedding or opt for a weekend mini-moon as you save up for a big excursion down the road, taking time to get away with your new spouse is clutch. Besides the relaxation you’re due after months of hectic wedding planning, you’re going to want to relive all of the fabulous details and process together what just happened. (Uh, you’re married! Whoa.) To make sure you get the best info on how to plan a killer (and affordable) honeymoon, we’ve partnered with the experts at, Read More

The Ultimate Honeymoon Advice from a Luxury Travel Advisor

Just the thought of jetting off on a sweet, sweet honeymoon can often get couples through the most stressful moments of wedding planning. However, carving out the time (and budget) to organize a life-changing trip while also organizing the biggest event of their lives? No small feat. So, we called in Michelle Manas, Founder & Owner of Uncorked Escapes, for some practical honeymoon advice that’s still very much fantastical (hint: safaris and “adventuremoons” are involved): So, what’s the ideal booking timeline for people using a travel agent? Ideally, nine months to a year in advance is best for premium locations. Read More

The Ultimate Honeymoon Packing Guide

A honeymoon is not just another vacation – it is your first trip as a newlywed couple. After all of that stressful wedding planning, it’s finally time for you to relax and enjoy time together in a beautiful place. It will be the most romantic trip of your life, so don’t rush the packing or forget the essentials. The absolute necessities are pretty obvious ones. If you’re going abroad don’t forget your passport, or visa if you need one. Bring extra cash or traveler’s checks. Don’t forget power adapters, medications, reading materials, or a printed out copy of your itinerary. But Read More

Budget Friendly Honeymoon Tips

Honeymoons can be very expensive. Whether you are paying for the trip yourself, or have created a honeymoon fund so your friends and family can pitch in, finding little ways to pinch pennies here and there can make a world of difference. This is why we’ve put together some tips to help you save money, without you having to sacrifice the big things. Book Early After you get engaged, your focus is on finding a venue, picking a date, and asking your friends to be in your wedding party. During these initial stages, consider looking into your honeymoon and booking Read More

Honeymoon Destinations Off the Beaten Path

When it comes to honeymoons, one can sunbathe in Honolulu, have dinner by the Eiffel Tower, or go for a gondola ride in Venice. We can get behind all of each of those destinations, but for the couple with wanderlust, we’ve got a few other ideas. Why not start off marriage – the ultimate adventure – with an unforgettable honeymoon experience? From deserts dunes to rain forests, here are some of our favorite unconventional honeymoon destinations: 1. Go on Safari in Africa Blaze a trail together and take in the wildlife before relaxing on the beautiful Kenyan coast. 2. Tango in Buenos Aires Learn to dance the Argentine Read More

Friday Faves

From alternative honeymoon ideas to wedding and home decor touches we love, get inspired by this week’s Friday Faves for newlywed life together. Details From A Carnival Inspired Wedding We love to celebrate the kid in us at Zola, which is why we appreciated this elevated but fun black tie Sonoma Valley wedding on Style Me Pretty. Browse more of the gorgeous photos taken by Jessica Burke here. Your Next Dinner Party Dessert We’re drooling over this Peach Split with Goma Praline recipe from The Sugar Hit. Use the next time you entertain guests as an excuse to indulge your Read More