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What Are The Groomsmen Duties?

If you’re having a traditional wedding party, with a group of women as bridesmaids and a group of men as groomsmen, then you might have already selected the lucky souls who will stand beside you at the altar, not to mention help you out with a host of other wedding-related duties. The bridesmaids will most likely help the bride pick out the dress of her dreams, throw an engagement party and/or bridal shower, make the bachelorette party one to remember, and be there to help with those important day-of details. But what about the groomsmen duties? It might seem like the bridesmaids have their work cut out for them and the groomsmen have it easy, but there are plenty of both traditional and lesser-known duties that the groomsmen can handle to make your day a breeze. Pre-Wedding Duties . . . . . . . . . . There are four main duties that are typically handled by the groomsmen in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding: 1. The Bachelor Party The groomsmen work with the …