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Zola Picks: Fall-Inspired Registry Gifts

Goodbye summer, and hello pumpkin spice! From multicolored leaves to apple picking, there are many reasons we love this gorgeous season. When you’re registering for gifts, consider all of the fun festivities and holidays you’ll be prepping for. Who knows, you could be hosting the next Thanksgiving dinner! Here are a few of our favorite fall-inspired registry gifts:

Fall Favorite Finds

Fall is more than just an excuse to wear your beloved leather jacket. Cherish this in-between time, where the carefree days of summer are over, but your schedule isn’t yet double-booked with holiday parties. From must-have games to seasonal cookware, savor every second of these shorter days with our fall favorites. Autumn Wreath Bundt Cake Pan When temperatures drop, turn up the heat – in the kitchen, that is – with this autumn-inspired Bundt Cake Pan. Its authentic leaf pattern imprints onto your delicacy for a look that is straight-from-the-rake, in the best kind of way. Hand Hewn Pitcher When dinner is Read More

3 Fall Recipes Using Your New Cocotte

When it comes to fall, food is high priority. On these chilly days, settling in by the fire with a hearty meal is what we look forward to most. And with all those cocottes filling up your pantry now that your wedding has passed, it’s time to put them to good use, don’t you think? So break out your cast-irons, pour yourself a glass of red, and take a stab at these yummy recipes. Filled with hearty potatoes and the best-of-fall produce, a bite of this juicy chicken recipe is exactly how we want to end our day. Get the recipe. You’ll need: Read More

The Fall Table You’ll Want To See

We have just as hard a time as most New Yorkers transitioning to cooler temps, and it’s a tough morning in the city.  That said, the fall colors keep us going.  We’re eyeing anything in mustard, burgundy, or sage greens right now, and this table, designed by Brittany from Brrch Flowers, is no exception.  All it takes is one awesome, lush arrangement to take your upcoming dinner to the next level or simply brighten a dreary fall morning.