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man's and woman's hands intertwined wearing promise rings

What’s A Promise Ring, and Do You Need One?

Everybody’s heard of an engagement ring. You’ve probably seen, thought about, ogled at, compared, or even fantasy-shopped for an engagement ring. But, a promise ring? That term might leave a few of you head-scratching. While engagement rings are part of our shared social and cultural landscape, promise rings are a growing but still left-of-mainstream trend. So what exactly is a promise ring, and should you consider exchanging one with your love? Read on to find out the answer: we’ve gathered the 411 on promise rings, including their history, their difference from other gifted or exchanged rings, and even examples of Read More

rose gold engagement ring with rose gold wedding bands and yellow gold men's wedding band lined up on a rock ledge

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

When rose gold burst on the scene a few years ago, everyone (myself included) went nuts for the warm, peachy metallic that seemed to compliment every color palette, every décor scheme, and every skin tone. But when it came to selecting a valuable, lifelong investment piece like your engagement ring, perhaps you wondered if rose gold jewelry was too trendy—was this look just a pink flash in the pan, so to speak? Would rose gold engagement rings look dated immediately? Well, many seasons later in the fashion trend life cycle, it seems as though rose gold is here to stay. Read More