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The Shocking Truth About Getting Engaged

If you’re like 40% of Zola couples, you became (or will become) engaged during the magical window of the calendar year we know as Engagement Season: the roughly twelve weeks between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. What’s even more overwhelming than the engagement wildfire that will soon begin sweeping through your social media is the number of couples who began planning their weddings BEFORE a proposal was even uttered…60%! Based on a survey we did of over 1,000 engaged and newlywed couples, Zola’s got all the dirt on how real-life couples actually approach the thought of marriage during a long-term relationship. Read Read More

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6 Stunning Backdrops for Charlottesville Engagement Photos

Feels like a bit of a whirlwind, doesn’t it? It probably seems like just yesterday you laid eyes on each other and fell deeply in love. Now, as you look at your engagement ring and go over the proposal again and again in your mind, you’re in disbelief that this is really happening—you’re getting married! We bet you never want to forget what you’re feeling at this very moment. We also bet that you want to be able to have mementos that bring you back to this special time in your life for years to come. Are we on to Read More

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Engagement Photos

In the last decade, taking professional engagement photos have become a right of passage for newly engaged couples, earning a place in the standard wedding planning checklist alongside choosing a caterer or tasting cakes.  We love that more and more couples are taking advantage of this new tradition, so much so that it’s not uncommon for a wedding photographer to include an engagement photo session in their packages. But while your engagement photos will most likely end up on Mom and Dad’s mantle and most definitely on your save the dates, (check out our post on how to select the best engagement Read More

Zola paper wedding invitations and save the dates including the Blake Frame and the Woads Frame designs

How To Choose Engagement Photos for Your Paper Suite

Props to you: you wisely decided to spring for engagement photos to document your days post-proposal when you walked around deliriously happy and the phrase “cost per head” wasn’t rattling around in your brain like a marble in a jelly jar. After carefully deciding what to wear on your engagement shoot, we bet you looked glowing, gorgeous, and totally in love. Now, apart from framing a few of those lovely pics for your living room gallery wall, what else are you going to do with your engagement photos? Put them on your save the dates and wedding invitations, of course! Read More

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9 Tips On What To Wear To Engagement Photos

There are a lot of things to consider when selecting what to wear for engagement photos, especially since the options are quite endless: lights or darks? Bold prints or classic solids? Casual, dressy, or themed? When you’re up against this type of challenge, just how do you pick outfits that you’ll love now and forever? By following these nine tried-and-true tips, of course! #1: Pick Clothes That Reflect Your Personality We know the tendency may be to go all out for your engagement photos, but we’re hear to tell you that’s usually a mistake. First of all, your engagement shoot is Read More

Engagement Photoshoot: Pro Tips

Engagement pictures are a great way to celebrate the in-between time as a couple with way less pressure than the Big Day. They are also a handy distraction for nagging relatives begging for wedding details, so when your Great Aunt calls to give her unsolicited opinion on reception tablecloths, you can say “we haven’t made any decisions yet, but here, look at these!” Works like a charm. We teamed up with photographer Alisha Siegel for some Engagement Photoshoot Pro Tips. Whether it’s the day of the proposal or you have a little more time to prepare, here’s a rundown of Read More