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Best Beauty Products For Long-Lasting Wedding Makeup

Brides, you’re going to want wedding makeup that’s gonna last. Don’t freak out, but here’s the truth: all eyes are going to be on you during your wedding day. Your wedding photographer will surely make you and your partner look amazing, but it’s going to be a long stretch from the ceremony to the sparkler send-off. You want your makeup to stay put through it all—the happy tears, the smooching, the photos, the cake cutting, the champagne sipping, and the dancing, which is no easy feat…That is, unless you have the right long-lasting beauty products on call. Check out this list of my favorite bridal beauty Read More

Wedding Makeup: Glossier

We here at Zola searched high and low for the perfect makeup regimen that makes you look like your best you ever, because that’s what you want, right? You want to strive to look like you, not way-too-much-eyeliner you or pageant-queen you, but the real you. The one your partner fell in love with! The reason we’re here in the first place. We spoke with our favorite Zola bride, Chloe, about her makeup and skincare regimen, and she chooses Glossier, a stress-free skincare line. Their products are light enough that your natural skin shines through for a seamlessly smooth and dewey glow Read More