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Fresh Start: Linens and Towels

You’ve noticed some fraying, pilling and fading on your essentials, think: linens and towels. And hey, there’s no use being in denial any longer because the new year is the perfect reason for a fresh start, especially when it comes to your basics. Do I have to?  Yes! And there is no better time than right now to get a fresh start. Even if my pieces aren’t that bad? Especially if your pieces aren’t “that bad” because the longer you wait, the worse they will get. How do I make sure I buy pieces that last?  We have you covered there. We’ve Read More

Beginner’s Guide to: Towels

Towels are some of the only items on your registry that are truly everyday essentials. However, the seemingly endless options to choose from can be kind of paralyzing if you don’t know where to start. From color to size, shape, texture, detail and consistency, our beginner’s guide takes the guesswork out of towel registering so you can get back to day dreaming about that cast iron waffle maker you really need. What are they? Towels are truly essentials you use everyday, sometimes more. Do I really need these?  Yes. Even if I already have towels? Yup! From a practical standpoint, you both use them Read More

Revamp Your Bathroom in 10 Easy Steps

With cleaning and decluttering on our minds, the bathroom is one area of the house that could always use an update. Find out how to revamp your bathroom without committing to a renovation with help from POPSUGAR Home. If sprucing up your neglected bathroom is on your list, we’re here to help! Whether it’s the master bath, a shared bathroom down the hall, or a powder room, there are easy ways to transform your space without committing to a major renovation. From beautiful lighting to smart storage, we have 10 key elements that have the ability to take your bathroom to Read More

Yours & Mine: A Serene and Spa-Like Bathroom

When it comes to combining your styles as a couple, the bathroom can be a point of controversy. You both need different things, space for makeup, grooming essentials, and the like. Your counter space may not be ideal, and your fiancé seriously needs to throw out those towels from two years ago. Registering for bathroom necessities is a great way to start fresh in an area that often needs it most. Try choosing a style that fits both your needs. A serene bathroom, reminiscent of a spa, is a style suitable for most. With soft neutrals and calming accents, this bathroom is sure to Read More