Let Zola Unbox Your Wedding Gifts

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Zola x TaskRabbit

We are so excited to launch our very first newlywed program in partnership with TaskRabbit; a pilot program to help couples sustainably manage their wedding gifts by offering services to unbox and properly recycle off of that gift packaging.

At Zola we’re all about making the registry process simple, but we also care about what happens after the wedding. We know that the transition into newlywed life isn’t always seamless as the wedding to-do list isn’t over. We want to check one more box, so newlyweds don’t have to spend their first few weeks as a married couple cutting up cardboard boxes! TaskRabbit is the perfect partner, because we know that couples are already using Taskers for so many other newlywed tasks from moving into a new home to hanging wedding photos!


We also know that recycling gift packaging is an issue. We recently surveyed 960 Zola couples and found that while 90% said they would ideally recycle all of their gift packaging, more than ½ of newlyweds did not. In fact, 10% said they didn’t recycle at all or just put the packaging on the curb.


How to Redeem:

This pilot program is first launching in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We’re offering couples in these cities $20 towards TaskRabbit services. You can redeem by visiting the TaskRabbit & Zola landing page, and use the code TRZOLA. This code is valid on your first task and expires on October 31.

Share your unboxing experience with us for a chance to be featured!
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