Wine Pro Tips From Zola’s Resident Somm

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Check out these vino-centric pro tips from sommelier (and Zola groom!) David Skurnik. Then, stock up on all the essentials.

What glasses do you need for different types of wines?
Narrower glasses highlight the aroma of white wines, and broader glasses suit most reds. Try drinking champagne out of white wine glasses to bring out the flavor!

Favorite way or best way to store your wines?
People tend to serve whites too cold and reds too warm, but you can avoid that with a dual-zone wine fridge. It keeps everything between the recommended 55-60 degrees.

Best way to open a wine bottle?
I like a classic waiter’s corkscrew. So compact, so simple.

Do you use decanters? If so, why?
Yes! Decanters help oxygenate a wine for maximum flavor (I like using them for bolder reds), and make sure the sediment from an older wine stays at the bottom.

What’s some great advice for wine lovers?
Be open minded. For example, everyone assumes you should only drink rosé in the summer, but I really enjoy a serious, aged rosé at Thanksgiving!

Any other tips you can share?
Here’s a few random ones: 1) It’s always good to keep an ice bucket handy if you need to quickly chill a bottle—just mix ice with cold water to create a quick-chilling ice bath! 2) Get a wine cart and fill it with picks that you’ll be happy to have around for entertaining. That way, you’ll avoid last-minute liquor store runs where you may not have time to browse. 3) Use coasters. My wife has gotten me in the habit, and for a wine lover, it’s too easy to ruin nice wooden coffee tables. Cheers!

Meet Our Resident Somm, David Skurnik
Married in October 2017, David works as a proprietor of The Pinot Project, and is happily married to Emily Forrest Skurnik, Senior Communications Manager at Zola. They love to travel together, and never run out of great wines to try.


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