Unique Wedding Gifts: Our Top 5

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Creative gifts are some of the best to give and some of the most memorable to receive. If you’ve already registered for an overwhelming number of pots and pans, plates and cups, linens and towels, consider these unique wedding gifts as a positive addition to your Zola Registry.

1| Letter Marquee Light
unique wedding gifts
vinmarqlights_letter_w_B_1600    vinmarqlights_letter_a_B_1600
Home décor that celebrates your last name! Brighten your new home with these lights that will add the perfect antique accent to any room.

2| Custom Prints on Creative Materials
instathis_customart_D_640  instathis_customart_C_640
Your guests will love to give the gift of timeless memories with this one-of-a-kind print experience that can take photos from your Instagram, Facebook, or any other digital album and place them on wood or metal canvases.

3| Venetian Tic-Tac-Toe
Looking forward to staying in as a married couple, having a few glasses of wine and playing some board games? This is the perfect unique gift for you. An old school tic-tac-toe set with varnished cherry, aged bronze, and hand-blown oversized marbles makes game night swankier than ever before.

 4| Quarterly Brew Club + Starter Kit 
bbs_brewclub_B_640    bbs_brewclub_C_640
From Zola’s Experiences Collection, here’s an awesome weekend activity to do as newlyweds! This beer kit allows you to make your own great-tasting beer in a few easy steps. Start a new hobby with your loved one and enjoy celebrating the fruits of your labor with this beer kit made in Brooklyn, NY.

5| Woodcut Maps
Does a certain city mean a lot to you? Did you and your loved one meet in Chicago? Plan to get married in New York? Currently live in LA? No matter what city you have an attachment to, these unique woodcut maps are the perfect unique wedding gift to add to your registry.


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