Wedding Trends for 2016: The Registry

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2016 is finally here, and for many of you, that means your wedding is just a quick, few months away. As you continue to plan this momentous occasion, take a look below at some of the latest trends in the registry space for 2016. Forewarning: it may take some convincing to tell your mom it’s the new normal to register for a wine-of-the-month club.

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Control When Your Gifts Ship

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Registries are changing with the times now, too.  Zola lets couples control when and where gifts ship. Send gifts immediately, hold them for later, or swap them for credit. Say goodbye to box pile up and yes to swapping an outdated china pattern from your Aunt Betty for a cooking class.

Group Gifting


Stop with the series of Venmo transfers among friends. While you may feel uncomfortable registering for a $600 vacuum or a Vitamix, get up to speed on the latest trend – group gifting. Yes we said it. Let your family or closest friends all go in on that pricey gift. Even better on Zola, couples can mark any gift as a group gift no matter how big or small.

Register for Gifts You’ll Really Use

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Do you love to cook? Enjoy a glass (or two) of wine after work? Zola allows you to register for subscriptions like Blue Apron, Club W and Brew Club. While your mom may say you HAVE to register for fine china, we say take matters into your own hands and get what you really want. And hey, if there’s no way around that china, good thing Zola has virtual exchanges so mom may never have to know…

Add Gifts On the Go


Did you ever think that you could add gifts to your registry while you were waiting in line at the grocery? Or while you’re waiting for the subway? Think again. With Zola’s apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch you can add those martini glasses you’ve been eyeing while you’re at Happy Hour.  With this much control, now all of you need to worry about is that your fiance doesn’t exchange all of your dinnerware for a foosball table.

Sitewide Completion Discounts

While some registries will give you a small discount on the rest of your items on your registry, Zola gives you 10% off the entire site for the following year. It’s our (small) way of thanking our couples.

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  1. Samatha Stone says

    I really don’t like the trend of anything goes. Weddings are traditions not to be broken
    The wedding cake doesn’t look like its a wedding cake just an ordinary cake for no occasion. Flowers seem to be scarce but charging full price. Added greenery to take the place of flowers so you’re getting less but paying more. Pizza at a wedding might as well have no class and don’t call it a wedding but a everyday get together. Seems like weddings were special events but the pictures I saw paint a let down. Bring back the traditional wedding with class and charm.

    • Morgan says

      I really think it’s up to personal preference. I thought all of the above suggestions were perfectly acceptable. When you plan your wedding, you can do it as traditional as you want, but you don’t have the right to tell other people what to pick for the most special day of their lives. It’s their day, not yours.

  2. paula johnson says

    Regarding gifts – bringing them to the wedding is a relatively recent thing. My first marriage was in the late 60s, ans only one person out of over a hundred guests brought a gift to the ceremony. We received many lovely things, and all that were not shower gifts, came by mail or some other home delivery. I attended or was in many weddings in those years – this was the usual practice for virtually everyone I knew, and had been for as long as I can remember. My parents were married in 1945, and she said all their gifts came likewise. I don’t know why this changed.

    • Deb Briz says

      I can only give you my opinion on why I have brought my gift to the reception. I usually give cash or a gift card (to a store they are registered at) and I have always felt it is safer and more secure to give it to the couple or tuck it inside the receptacle set up for cards. Mail is NOT safe and if it does get to the correct address, this involves quite a bit of risk.

  3. Dear Samantha, class and even charm have nothing to do with how much a couple spends or how much a couple decorates. Class at a wedding is having two people who truly love each other and have been and always will be faithful to each other. My husband and I had a $50 wedding with just family and our two dearest friends because that was all we could afford and I can promise you that the room was bursting with love, class and charm. It was a beautiful day and almost 30 years and 3 kids later we are still fairly broke and still happily and faithfully married, and we are still smiling remembering our beautiful wedding.

  4. My husband and I got married at the justice of the peace,on Valantine day.We had no money for a wedding or reception. After the ceremony we went to Burger King and had a buy one get one free meal.That was thirty two years ago this February 14th. The most important two people was there. I would not change anything, we have good memories of that day.

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