Spring Cleaning

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How does Spring Cleaning differ than just regular cleaning?

We’re talking about an all-hands-on-deck organization overhaul where we break old habits, make new systems, disinfect and totally start fresh. To us, Spring Cleaning is less about daily chores and more about setting the tone for a seamless transition to summer so you know exactly where your shorts are and have the perfect spot to store your winter coat when the cold weather breaks. Having said that, we also encourage a major scrub down of all your corners, shelves and in-between spaces (you know the ones that we on-purpose forget to clean all year long).

When is the official start date of Spring Cleaning?

ASAP or sooner! Spring Cleaning can be whenever you want. Maybe you already started after being majority inspired by the KonMari method or maybe you’re waiting for a rainy day so you don’t abandon your mission for the sunshine. But one thing is for sure – the sooner you start, the better you will feel.

Should I put cleaning supplies on my wedding registry?

Absolutely. Zola is all about making a registry that is balanced with traditional wedding gifts, home essentials, objects d’art and more. Adding those pricier investment pieces like a state-of-the-art Dyson is an ultimate registry pick because you’ll use it all the time and it’s built to last.

Ok, ok. I’m in! What are your Spring Cleaning essentials? 

Great question! See below for our recommendations and must-have wedding registry adds for a clean and organized home, all year round. And for a complete list, click here.

Organization Necessities


1. Tower Deskbar – $30
2. Decker Shower Caddy – $50
3. Railway Towel And Mirror Rack – $306

Storage Must-Haves 


1. Storage Bench – $264
2. Tosca Storage Basket – $35
3. 12-Bottle Wine Storage Rack – $62

Cleaning Essentials


1. Cleaning Services – $49- $89
2. Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum – $400
3. 4-Piece Exchangeable Grill Cleaning Set – $35

Handy Hooks


1. Offer Reality Hand Hook – $75
2. Woodrow Hook – $40
3. Sticks Multi Hook Rack – $25

Shelving Needs


1. Cubist Large Shelf – $50
2. Tosca Under Shelf Storage Rack – $55
3. Small Takara Column Shelf – $75


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