Storage 101

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Pre and post wedding life means a lot of new… well, everything. Especially stuff. A lot of stuff. Your stuff, their stuff, shared stuff – and all of it needs a place to go. We’ve highlighted our favorite chic Storage 101 finds to give your new things a new home.

Moorish Box


This keepsake box fuses function and form, making it perfect for all the little things that matter most – think heirlooms, rings and birthday cards. So pick your favorite color, or even get all three.

Daisy Place Snail Mail Tray

katespade_daisy_snailmail_11_A_640 copy

Real mail is starting to feel so vintage, right? Place this letter tray on any free counter space for an old school touch. Plus, this precious piece of porcelain is great for keeping track of all those RSVP cards.

Seagrass Basket, Set of 3


Throw all your blankets in a basket to give your living room an extra-homey feel. Make sure to keep them close to the couch for easy access.

Takara Tray


A Storage 101 must-have, this wooden tray holds all your essentials and looks great atop any ottoman out there. Perfect for the remote control, a stack of magazines, and the rest of your lazy Sunday necessities.

Fire Escape Shelf


A mini fire escape becomes a display-haven for all your small things with this shelf that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Firemen not included.

Rope Knot Bowl


Storage disguised as a centerpiece makes its debut right on your kitchen table with our nautical-inspired Rope Knot Bowl. Perfect for all your farmers market finds, from freshly picked fruit to fun little trinkets.


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