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Registering is exciting – you get to pick all of the things you think you’re going to want in your newlywed life. All of those pretty plates and bowls, top of the line kitchen appliances, picture frames for all of your wedding photos, and that perfect vase you never could afford. Among the excitement, it can be easy to get carried away and forget a very important factor: the size of your home. For many of us, that size is not large. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. As city dwellers, we sacrifice space for location, and it becomes incredibly important that we don’t register for items we’ll never use. If you barely have room to store your off-season clothes, how will you be able to put away boxes of fancy china?

Here’s our suggestion: only register for thing you know you’ll use and make sure those things fit in your apartment before asking friends and family to purchase them for you. Need some guidance? Here are our top picks for small city apartments.

5-Piece High End Cookware Set
You don’t need every pot and pan available to man. Seriously, where are you going to store that 14-piece cookware set? Instead of registering for more, register for less stuff that’s higher quality. A saute, a saucepan, a skillet and two lids – there’s nothing else you need. We love Mauviel’s M’150S 5-Piece Cookware Set. Add it with the Group Gifting feature!

A Mini Toaster Oven
wedding registry small apartment_2
Bake cookies, roast vegetables, or heat up pizza all with the same, small machine. A mini toaster oven is perfect for cramped kitchens. Not only does it fit easily on your counter, but it is a powerful machine that will do all of your simple cooking projects without overheating your entire apartment. We love Breville’s Mini Smart Toaster Oven and Compact Smart Oven.

An Immersion Blender
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A KitchenAid mixer, a Vitamix, a slow cooker – these are all amazing tools, but they’re large. Does your kitchen have enough room for this kind of appliance? The trick is finding powerful tools that don’t come with this kind of space commitment. The best example we can think of is the immersion blender. It purees soups, chops vegetables, whips cream and is small and easy to store. Check out our collection of immersion and hand blenders here.

Compact Espresso Machine
wedding registry small apartment_4
Now, we’d clean off everything on our counters to make space for a coffee maker. But if you want to keep other kitchen utensils and still get your morning fix, we suggest registering for a compact espresso machine. It’s the perfect size for a small apartment, heats up in a matter of seconds, and makes delicious shots of espresso. Check out Nespresso’s Inissia Espresso Machine Bundle.

3-Piece Everyday Dinnerware Set
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Get dinnerware you can actually use and put in the dishwasher. You don’t need a 5-piece dinnerware set either – get the bare minimum. If you host often, think about registering for a few more sets of plates and bowls, but before doing so make sure that you can fit them in those kitchen cabinets. Emile Henry’s HR Collection 3-Piece Dinnerware Set is nice china that can be used for everyday meals or the occasional fancy dinner party.

Versatile Tumbler Glasses
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There are a TONS of different kinds of glasses you can have, but trust us, they take up space. We suggest going for versatile glasses that work for every kind of drink. Whether you want water, juice, or a cocktail, simple tumblers are the perfect glass. Elegant and simple, we recommend Duralex Picardie Tumbler, Set of 6.

Mountable Wine Rack
wedding registry small apartment_7
If we could all have our way, we’d have large wine cellars below our apartment to store our favorite bottles and help us build up a collection. But since that’s rarely the case, we suggest you get a little creative with your wine bottles. Get a mountable wine rack and turn that storage into art. It will save space and look great. Register for Stact’s Wine Wall Modular System.

Bud Vases
wedding registry small apartment_8
Display flowers in a way that won’t take up all of your counter space. Whether it’s on your dresser or in your bathroom, mini bud vases allow you to decorate and add style without stressing about space. One of our favorite registry items for city apartments is the Middle Kingdom’s Zola Exclusive 3-Piece Mini Vase Set.

Storage Baskets
wedding registry small apartment_9
Saving space is all about staying organized, and keeping things in their correct place. Don’t leave blankets and newspapers lying around and cluttering your small living area. Register for storage baskets that match your décor and are as stylish as they are functional. Take a look at Design IdeasWater Hyacinth Storage Basket, Set of 2.

Images || (Featured) Charity Art Site | (2) Breville via The Kitchn |(3) Emma Christensen via The Kitchn |(4) Nespresso Instagram


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