What To Do When Your Registry Is Finished Early

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Wow! Congratulations, your family and friends are on top of their gift-giving. But you still have to guide the remaining gift-givers in the right direction. Surprisingly, this happens all the time with first-timers, so here are Zola’s must-read tips for registry hacks before the wedding.


Give It One Last Look

Are you suuuure you don’t want anything else? Guests are eager to buy you what you want instead of playing the guessing game and hoping for the best, so pick out a few more items to help them out. We’re sure you’ll be able to find a few things that suit your fancy.

Set Up A Charity Fund

Friends and family can contribute what they want to whichever cause you choose when you set up a charity fund through Zola. Take the proceeds and support a special cause in honor of your Big Day to make it extra special for you, your guests and the recipient.


Add Insurance

Accidents happen. And they always tend to involve your favorite pieces, so make sure you add enough items to cover a few plates breaking or glasses chipping in the dishwasher years down the road. It might seem trivial now, but when the time comes, you’ll be glad your set is still complete.

Take A Trip

Mini-moons are officially a thing, according to Instagram and friends-of-friends. Now it’s your turn! So pick a place, mark off a long weekend and hit the road. Great Aunts and old neighbors will be thrilled to hear all about the trendy trip you took with their gift (and blessings, of course).


Get Inspired

Take a look at some of Zola’s favorite registries and let inspiration strike. Maybe you forgot something – that is, until you were blown away by Jennifer & Joel‘s registry picks (Stacey & Adam‘s is great too). Check out all the Registries We Love and see for yourself.


Your cupboards are overflowing with stuff old and new, so choosing one more butter knife isn’t even an option. How about registering for a subscription service to stay in wedding mode even after the party? Guests love gifting subscriptions because they are such a memorable option. Check out our favorite picks:

Monthly Wine Club

Club W $50 - $300

Club W $50 – $300

Personalized Coffee Subscription

Mistobox - $115 - $345

Mistobox – $115 – $345

Cheese Of The Month Club

Murrays - $275 - $400

Murray’s Cheese – $275 – $400

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