What kind of couple are you? Registry Tips For All

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All couples are different, and at Zola we know firsthand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to building your wedding registry. Whether you two are the adventurous types or are known to host legendary Lazy Sundays, these wedding registry tips will help you create a wedding registry that reflects you.

The Adventurous Couple

Wine Tasting Tour - $150

Wine Tasting Tour – $150

You two prefer something new and exciting as opposed to the same old, same old. How about registering for experiences like a cooking class or a hiking tour? Or maybe a wine tasting is more your speed. Whichever you decide, get ready for some picture-perfect memories together and an influx of likes on your Instagram posts.

The Indecisive Couple


So you two can never decide what you want to do for dinner – that’s a given – but that shouldn’t affect your wedding registry. Maybe you’ll have some “register’s remorse” about a few things and that’s totally fine. With Online Gift Swap, you’ll get updates in real time and can decide if you still want the gifts you registered for originally. Ship them immediately or later, and even exchange them for credits!

The Always-Busy Couple 











If you two are balancing jam-packed schedules and wedding planning, Zola makes it easy to register wherever you are. Whether you’re watching Netflix together on your couch or on-the-go in between meetings, you can create and manage your registry from your iPhone or iPad. See a gift you love while you’re out and about? Upload it to your registry with our barcode scanner. Easy peasy.

The Couple Who Wants to Upgrade

Safavieh - $298

Safavieh – $298

You really want that Touchscreen Vitamix and swanky Bar Cart, but know they are both a little on the pricey side. Instead of stalking your dream presents on Zola while waiting for your annual bonus, turn on Group Gifting, an incredible feature that allows guests go in on an item together. It’s a win-win for you and your friends.


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