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Certainly now more than ever before, couples are rewriting the rules for what to ask for on their wedding registries. It’s 2016 after all and with all the information out there, it’s hard to find guidance that doesn’t feel stuffy and dated. Here’s our list of some of the best unconventional gifts to add to your wedding registry that are the perfect mix of modern, cool and useful.

Orbita Photo Display Frame

Umbra - $25

Umbra – $25

Cherish all of your favorite memories together with this not-so-average picture frame. Its unique design lets you display your top four in a piece of art all on its own. Pro tip: it also doubles as a funky centerpiece.

Carry On Cocktail Kit


W&P Design – $24

Start your honeymoon off with a kick by packing this TSA-approved Moscow Mule in your carryon. Aside from being the cutest set ever, it is guaranteed to get you feeling like vacation before you even buckle your seatbelt. Register for a few to make the plane ride fly by!

Breakfast Tray

Bia Cordon Bleu $30

Bia Cordon Bleu $30

For better or worse…or allergy season – that’s what this gift is all about. Whether it’s for breakfast in bed or to help out your betrothed when they’re stuck on the couch covered in tissues a mile high, this serving tray will get you through all of life’s ups and downs in both comfort and style.

Spotless Floors Cleaning Set

Full Circle - $105

Full Circle – $105

Not the most glamorous gift, but certainly one of the most practical which is why we love it so much. This registry gem will keep your marital home spick and span as it comes with all the tools you’ll need for a deep clean.

Enterprise Low Back Office Chair

Zuo - $258

Zuo – $258

With more and more people working from home at least part of the time, an in-home office is about as modern as it gets these days. So add a pop of color to your cube-away-from-cube and get back to those spreadsheets.

Portable Table Tennis

Umbra - $40

Umbra – $40

Keep it interesting with a little friendly competition. This not-so-average wedding gift will have a home in the back of your trunk or bottom of your suitcase for years to come so you can bust out the ping pong when you’re on the road or even on your honeymoon.

Belmont Leather Dustpan

Lostine - $84

Lostine – $84

You probably don’t automatically associate a dustpan with a wedding registry must-have but we beg to differ – just look at this beauty! With sleek leather accents, this dustpan is functional and makes a great accent piece when not in use. Try hanging it on the wall for a rustic vibe that will get tons of compliments.


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