‘Tis The Season! The Final Stretch of Wedding Season, That Is…

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You don’t have to look at a calendar to know that we are smack-dab in the final stretch of wedding season – we all can just feel it. Of course there are other signs, like a dwindling bank account and added fatigue on Mondays this month compared to those from the beginning of the season, too. We’ve compiled the best tips on how to make sure you survive and enjoy the rest of wedding season this year.


Get Organized 

By this point, you have a pretty good idea of the wedding travel you will be doing in the coming months. Take some time to confirm (and confirm again) that you have your flights, car rentals, hotels and any other logistical and travel-related details all squared away. This will alleviate stress and spare you from any major last-minute expenses.

Stay Hydrated

Travel, summer heat, running around town, last-minute errands, drinking and dancing are all going to dehydrate you this season so make sure you drink up! Water, that is.


Group Gifting

Group gifting is our favorite wedding guest hacks because it allows you to go in on a gift that would otherwise be way out of anyone’s normal budget. However, the key to a successful group gift is making sure you get your group together and on the same page early. If you haven’t heard anything from your crew about a gift, be the one to start that email chain so you can cross one more thing off your list.

Take It Easy

Summer plans are a blessing and a curse. Last minute invitations to new rooftop bars, live music and just one glass of wine crop up left and right, but we’re exhausted! To make sure we can survive our next destination wedding, it’s important to turn down some of the invites that hit our inboxes. It’s the only way we are able to stay on the dance floor ’till the very end this coming weekend.


Have fun!

Instead of letting the wedding circuit get stale towards the end of the summer, make sure you truly treat each wedding as an individual event instead of lumping it in with all your other scheduled plans. Don’t lose sight of what a wedding really is: celebrating love! So rest up, get ready and have the time of your life even if that means doing it 5 weekends in a row.

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