The Modern Registry

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When it comes to your wedding registry, you can have it all – it’s 2016, people! We at Zola are all about the mix-and-match technique. Our ideal checklist includes a little bit of timelessness, some things super trendy, perhaps part of a down payment and even some charitable donations. These well-rounded picks are sure to make you and all of your guests happy, too.

Timeless Classics

Silverware, serving dishes and crisp linens are all staples of this category. Think of these as the items your Great Aunt most likely got for her wedding, too. You’ll have them forever and they never go out of style. Even if you aren’t sure you’ll need settings for 24 guests, start with a smaller number in a classic style so you can add on later, if the time ever comes. If not, you have enough for just you two and a few extra to account for all those kitchen accidents that built up over the course of a lifetime.

schottzwiesel_tritanivento_24stemware_8.2_C_640 juliska_pewterstoneware_octagonal_charger_plate_13.5_A_750 waterford_giftology_honeybudvase_5.5_A_320

1. Invento 24-Piece Stemware Set – $150

2. Pewter Stoneware Octagonal Charger Plate – $75

3. Giftology Honey Bud Vase – $75

Super Trendy

Feel free to use your wedding registry to update your current home and lifestyle, too. While we wouldn’t suggest registering for all new electronics, definitely use this time to make the necessary changes and splurge a bit on things you crave in the moment. Freshen up your bedroom or add accent pieces to the couch. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

polaroid_zip_mobile_printer_black_5_A_750 surya_bermuda_pouf_A_320 yamazaki_tosca_accesory_stand_white_A_320

1. ZIP Mobile Printer – $130

2. Bermuda Pouf – $96

3. Tosca Accessory Stand – $35

Cash Funds

Back in the day, it may have been viewed as “tacky” to simply ask for cash, but now cash funds are a staple of a modern registry. We make it not only socially acceptable but super easy, too. Plus, cash funds are a great way to get money for the things you actually want. Think: a downpayment on your first house, airfare to your honeymoon destination and more.



When you’ve finished your registry and really don’t want more stuff, turn your celebration into a prime opportunity to give back. A charity fund is a great way to get your friends and family involved in a cause you are passionate about with just a few clicks. All you have to do is set up a cash fund to donate. It’s. So. Easy!


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