So about those New Year’s Resolutions…

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It’s February and we surprisingly haven’t totally given up on our New Year’s Resolutions just yet. Shocking, right? But in honor of 20-sweet-16 and making this the best year yet, check out our picks to help you get back to that first-week-of-January motivation.

Cobra Premium Yoga Mat

Plank - $85

Plank – $85

It’s officially winter weather but who says you can’t practice with lush green grass all around you? Aside from this mat’s outdoorsy aesthetic, it’s made with heat-activated technology for firmer poses that will get you even firmer glutes, too.

Water Filter Pitcher & Starter Filter

Soma - $40

Soma – $40

You made a promise to yourself to drink more water this year and bottle-free is the way to do it. This chic-and-sleek water filter is made from coconut shell carbon so you can feel good about your environmentally-friendly approach to a healthy you.

Anton Ultrasonic Humidifier

Stadler Form - $140

Stadler Form – $140

And while we’re on the topic of water, take care of your skin during these dry winter months with a much-needed ultrasonic humidifier. This one’s got clean lines and a couple of colors to choose from so you’ll never compromise style for beauty.

Aquala Bathtub Caddy

Umbra - $50

Umbra – $50

2016 is all about self improvement so spend some time reconnecting and regaining your mental clarity with a long, hot soak. This bathcaddy holds all the essentials – your book, your wine and ultimately, your sanity.

K550 2.0 Coffee Brewing System

Keurig - $200

Keurig – $200

Say goodbye to pricey Starbucks runs with an in-home brewing system. This set practically pays for itself in just a few weeks and your bank account and taste buds will thank you.

Nest 6-Piece Storage Set

Joseph Joseph - $35

Joseph Joseph – $35

Leftovers are a great way to save money and time so an investment in these dishwasher-safe containers that keep your food fresher longer is a must. When not in use, they stack up nicely so you don’t have to worry about finding new storage space in your already cramped quarters.

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