Shockingly Favorite Wedding Registry Gifts

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We’ve compiled all the gifts couples are currently craving for their wedding. We are delighted to see traditional items like guest books mixed in with funkier gifts like a backpack – an assortment that showcases what it truly means to be a 21st century couple!

Wedding Guest Book

Eccolo - $36

Eccolo – $36

Having your guests sign this book will make it easier for you to remember each of your guests’ names when you are showing the wedding album to the grandkids. Just kidding. This wedding guest book is one of our favorite registry gifts thanks to its sentimental value and chic-and-sleek styling. Plus, it is definitely one of those details of your Big Day that falls through the cracks when wedding planning chaos sets in. Just don’t forget to bring it to the wedding!

Honeymoon Fund

Honeymoon & Cash Fund

Honeymoon & Cash Fund

We all want to take our dream vacation after our dream wedding, but after going over all the numbers, this dream trip might not fit in anyones budget. With a honeymoon fund, you can get the gift of a lifetime and get your expenses covered by friends and family so you can honeymoon however you two choose. Sure beats that new china set when we put it this way, right?

Spinnerette Portable USB Turntable

Crosley - $130

Crosley – $130

We like to think of this gift as a true timeless classic, thanks to its retro vibes. But, unlike ever-changing Apple chargers, this sound system hooks up to any device with a USB cord so you won’t need an upgrade every 6 months…or ever. Oh and it plays records, too.

Frontier Global Pouf

Surya - $219

Surya – $219

This patterned pouf is comfy enough to relax on yet still sturdy enough to hold a tray, making it the ultimate versatile accessory that fits in any room. While you can certainly bring it out only when the guests over, we’re pretty sure it will be a fixture you use year after year. Oh also, its timeless aesthetic matches every decor from boho to modern.

Concept Fixx Backpack

Sherpani - $148

Sherpani – $148

A backpack??? We tend to suggest our couples register for luggage and this modern backpack is another favorite piece, too. Starting with your honeymoon, you’ll bring this spacious carryall on the rest of your trips together for…forever. With tons of pockets, we can assure you that you won’t want to leave for a big excursion without it. Don’t forget your passport – (of course there’s a pocket for that too.)

Pizza Stone

Sparq Home - $45

Sparq Home – $45

Whether your pizza consumption comes by way of a delivery service or you’ve dabbled in some DIY recipes at home, you will love this pizza stone and use it all the time. For first-timers, it’s as easy as it gets and for seasoned pizza makers, it’s the only stone you’ll ever need. Just add your favorite toppings and be sure to take a pic for Instagram.

Image || (header) Alisha Siegel Photography


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