Registry Mistakes You Don’t Even Realize You Are Making

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The wedding landscape is changing, that’s for sure. And it’s making room for a whole new set of etiquette standards for everything from bridesmaid dresses to e-vites. Here are our must-read tips on how to avoid making cringe-worthy wedding registry mistakes.


When You Think Modern Registry = Modern Thank You Notes 
Nope. Sorry! Handwritten thank you notes are always in style, no matter how “green” or “techy” you are. It’s the least you can do for your beloved guests, who have taken the time to get you exactly what you want for your wedding. Having said that, you still need to write notes for those guests who go off-registry, too. We know it can seem daunting, but Thank-You Note Manager will do the organizing for you. You’re welcome.


When You Set Up a “Gifts” Table at Your Wedding
With online shopping, this tradition is no longer necessary (thanks, Internet!). One of our favorite Zola features is Control Shipping, where you can choose when and where you want to receive your wedding presents. Want that toaster now? Later? Want to convert it to credits or swap it for flatware? It’s all possible. This will save you a lot of day-of-wedding stress, too. Think: no more gifts with lost tags floating around the dance floor.


When You Feel Weird About Registering for Something Really Expensive
Don’t feel weird! The newest Vitamix, fancy luggage and your dream bedding all come with hefty price tags that make first-timers feel a little awkward about adding them to their wedding registry. Well, fear no more because Zola’s Group Gifting feature allows multiple people to go in on the big ones. So, give your coworkers a hint about getting you that splurge-worthy present without any regrets.


When You Really Want Cash Instead of Another Toaster
This one is okay; it’s 2016 after all. If you want cash, by all means ask for it! While it can be difficult and awkward, it’s not if you do it in the right way. Set up a cash fund and describe how you’ll use it. If your guests know they’re contributing to a meaningful experience, like snorkeling on honeymoon, a home downpayment, or a special date night for two, they’ll gladly contribute.

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