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Giving and receiving art as a wedding present is a noticeable trend in the registry world these days. We had the honor of chatting with one of our favorite artists, photographer Gray Malin, about gifts, his work and fun stories we can’t wait to share with you. Click here to add a Gray Malin gift card to your registry today!

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What is your favorite gift to get?
One could never go wrong in gifting me a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. I clearly have a mild obsession, probably most notable via my Gray Malin x Veuve Clicquot collection.


Any advice on gifting art for a wedding gift? 
I think it’s important to think about the couple’s story. Where have they traveled together? What do they enjoy doing together? Those are the kind of questions that will lead to answers on what to gift them in regards to art. If you can give something to a happy couple that triggers memories of time spent together, I think you’ve definitely accomplished something special.


Any fun stories of how people have used your prints?
So many! I love hearing about how people have decorated with their prints and what inspired them to choose their particular image. One story that is especially touching is one where my photograph, Lisbon Cascais Beach, inspired a beautiful proposal story of this now married couple.


We know you probably don’t play favorites but if you had to…. 
It’s true, it’s hard to determine a favorite but I definitely hold a special place for the Private Collection as the three series that are part of it: Antarctica, Mirage, & Bhutan were extra special locations with challenges that are only faced in such hard to reach places. I feel very accomplished when I think of these images.


What is the most challenging part of making a piece?
Well first and foremost, there is always an element of danger. I’m either dangling out of a helicopter snapping away for the perfect aerial shot or I’m working with live animals, and then of course, there is the constant element of what the weather may be doing. I wouldn’t change it, though. It’s all part of the fun in creating.

To check out more of Gray’s work, click here and register for gift cards ranging from $100 to $2,000. PS. These make GREAT group gifts, too!



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