Indoor Activities

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Despite these extra few weeks of tolerable weather, it’s about to get cold outside. And you know what that means… weekends chock full of indoor activities. Check out our indoor activity schedule for a fun day inside you won’t forget.

Breakfast In Bed

After hitting the snooze button for as long as you want, breakfast in bed is the perfect morning indoor option. Gourmet pancakes, omelets and coffee without moving too far is the best way to kick off your day of never leaving.


1. Breakfast Tray – $30
2. Straight Juicer – $40
3. Original Stovetop Belgian Waffle Maker – $75

Movie Marathon

When you finally relocate to the couch, turn on the classics or check out the new releases section for a full day of entertainment. You’ll need a blanket, some snacks and if you’re lucky, your other half will be generous with their famous foot massaging skills.


1. Cozy Cotton Throw Blanket – $198
2. EasyPop Hot Air Popcorn Maker – $40
3. Flower Tray – $35

Kitchen Cook-Off

You’ve been very busy today with all those movies and snacks but it’s time for a hearty meal. Turn on the oven and take turns whipping up your favorite recipes. Make a healthy balance of sweet and savory to keep you going all night. Rice Krispy treats and tacos, anyone?


1. Brownie Bites Pan – $42
2. Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer – $40
3. 6-Piece Utensil Set with Crock – $50

Game Night with Friends

Invite your friends over for some friendly competition. Keep the party strong with an array of cozy cocktails, more snacks and fun games.


1. Chip and Dip Platter with Ramekin – $90
2. Flared Moscow Mule Mugs, Set of 4 – $80
3. Backgammon Tray – $89


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