How To NOT Feel Guilty About Your Wedding Registry

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Crafting your wedding registry is supposed to be one of the most fun parts of your engagement, but just like wedding planning, it comes with a lot of unforeseen stress. The biggest cause of anxiety boils down to one thing: guilt. We’re just not used to getting whatever we want, when we want it. Our tried + true Zola tips will calm your nerves and quench your questions so you can let the gifts begin!

1. Register for things you actually need
That’s how the tradition of a wedding registry got started in the first place, right? Back in the day, couples registered for everything to make an easy transition from their parents’ house to their new home together. But that’s because they literally needed everything. Realistically, you most likely have all the essentials, so use this opportunity to take inventory of what you have and register for what you don’t.


2. Update your essentials
Creating your wedding registry is a prime opportunity to get the new-and-improved version of what you use all the time – think the big stuff like that Vitamix and KitchenAid. These items are definitely on the pricey side (they’re called “investment pieces” for a reason), so your guests can use group gifting to get you what you want on their budget, too. Everybody wins!


3. Donate to charity
So you’re the couple who has everything you need and really doesn’t want more stuff. Or maybe you’re just two really generous people who want to give back. A charity fund is just for you then. Set up a cash fund to donate a cause you two are passionate about (like the dog shelter you volunteer at) and get your friends and family involved with just a few clicks. It’s. So. Easy!


4. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not, so…
We hear a lot of couples say that they are hesitant to set up a wedding registry because they don’t want to force people to buy them anything. But guess what? People are going to buy you gifts whether you like it or not, so you might as well use this opportunity to get exactly what you want.


5. Make it personal
Did you know you can add notes to each item on your wedding registry? Give your picks a personal touch by explaining why you would really appreciate this gift. When your guests see that you took a little extra time on each item, they will know you are sincere about your choices. Guests love knowing that their gift will be enjoyed by the happy couple, so how could you feel guilty about that?



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  1. Maddie says

    Hey Zola,

    You guys should think about developing an app. The mobile site is pretty hard to use.

  2. Great tips – especially giving things back to charity when you don’t need them. It’s pretty hard to not feel bad about asking for things, thanks for the reminder that there’s nothing wrong with it!

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