Holiday Entertaining

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Now that we are fully in the swing of the Holiday Season, the next few weeks are going to be a whirlwind of a whole lot of food and fun. Whether you are hosting co-workers, in-laws or friends, be sure to check out our picks below to make your holiday entertaining a breeze.

It’s always great to switch it up and bring the co-workers back to your place. It’s a lot cozier than the water cooler and you don’t have to worry about your pesky supervisor lurking over your shoulder.

Ice Shot Glass Mold

Sagaform - $19

Sagaform – $19

This crew likes to get rowdy when taken out of their element, so make sure you are prepared with some of these ice shot glass molds. Mix in some berries and mint for a classy touch that looks Pinterest-perfect too.

Faces Bar 7-Piece Set

WMF - $150

WMF – $150

Remember that delicious cocktail recipe you all looked up during your lunch break? Here are all the utensils you need to whip it right up in a handy 7-piece set.

The pressure is on when having the in-laws at your place so make sure your home is ready to go with everything you may need to make sure their visit is as painless as possible.

White Orchid Bowl

Michael Aram - $250

Michael Aram – $250

Serve in style with this chic bowl from the Michael Aram White Orchid Collection. It’s the perfect size for family-style salad or even fresh fruit on the counter. Your mother-in-law will know you brought out the good stuff when she sees this.

Giftology Honey Bud Vase

Waterford - $75

Waterford – $75

Pick up the freshest bouquet you can find because you’ll want to keep this vase out as long as possible. Its timeless silhouette is made from Waterford crystal that will please even the pickiest mother-in-law.

After hosting coworkers and in-laws, having your friends over is like a walk in the park. The pressure is off and you can just be yourself. Finally.

Bermuda Pouf

Surya - $98

Surya – $98

Extra seating, please! This party is an open invitation for all your closest friends so make sure everyone is comfortable with this comfy cool pouf that slides right under the couch for off-duty storage.

Circular Chip and Dip Platter with Bowl

Sparq Home - $90

Sparq Home – $90

Give your guests the food they actually want to eat with served in this awesome platter and bowl set. You’ll get tons of use out of this dish for years to come.


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