Accent Pieces You Both Will Love

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Accent pieces give your home that instant makeover you’ve always wanted without breaking any ground on construction. On one hand, your landlord will be grateful, but on the other, you may be starting some unnecessary conflict on the home front. See, sometimes your styles don’t always mesh – think your shabby chic nightstand with your partner’s neon marquee from Fenway Park. Separately charming in their own right, but together… not so much. We’ve highlighted our favorite design-conscious pieces you both will enjoy.

Areaware Bank Pig

Save up for vacation the old-fashioned way with this stylish piggy bank. A hyper-realistic silhouette with a modern finish is just what your bookcase needs.


Jaipur Geometric Pillow

Accent pieces aren’t just limited to bright colors – a mix of textures makes a big difference too. Try this pillow with embroidered details and pompom trim to step up your sofa game.


Bulbrite A-Shape Vintage Loop Filament Bulb 4-Pack

Pop these bulbs right in your existing light fixtures for a vintage-inspired style that would make Thomas Edison proud.


Jonathan Adler Backgammon Set

Talk about function and form. This groovy backgammon set looks as fun as it is to play together.


Shiraleah Thompson Throw

An accent piece within an accent piece! Bold geometric lines with a punch at the bottom bring life to any couch, corner or basket.


Eccolo Chevron Tray

Sometimes you just need a place to put your stuff and with a distinguished chevron striped pattern, this tray hits the spot.


Nuloom Rugs Chroma Overdyed Style Rug

Whether your style is part vintage, part market-in-Marrakesh or both, choose from a variety of vibrant hues to breathe life into any room. You can’t go wrong!



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