5 Things That Won’t Make Sense Until You Actually Register

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1. It’s true. You need to register ASAP!
When it comes to registering for your wedding, we say the earlier the better. Wedding gifts will start rolling in whether you are ready or not, so make your wedding registry a priority to ensure you actually get what you want. Plus, you’re about to be overwhelmed with questions, comments, and advice (often unsolicited) from everyone in your life, so the sooner your registry is out of the way, the more nuggets of info you’ll have to share with your friends and family!


Parachute – Sateen 3-Piece Duvet Set – $189

2. You actually don’t have everything
Despite your cupboards overflowing and shelves filled to the brim, when you register you’ll realize how much stuff you don’t have. For example, you’re going through your drawers and you realize you don’t have full sets of silverware + plates. Same goes for matching linen sets, even though you swear you had them at some point. Registering is the perfect time to take inventory of what you have, what you don’t, what you need, and what you can replace. When in doubt, add it to the registry!


Brooklyn Slate – Slate Cheese Board – $33

3. Keep going!
Friends, family, coworkers and long-lost acquaintances will eagerly buy up everything on your wedding registry. So when you’re going through the essentials for the first time, make sure to add, add, add everything you think you may need – and then some – to give your loved ones options, of course. Think you really have everything or don’t want to register for so many gifts? Consider a charity fund to give your guests extra options while supporting a great cause, too.


Schott Zwiesel – Pure Champagne Flute, Set of 6 – $78

4. Add some extras, too
Our table only seats four, so why are we registering for 12-14 place settings? When setting up your registry, take into account your future place settings, dining room tables, and entertaining needs. After all, the point of a wedding registry is to set you up for life with all the in-home essentials. Then (let’s be real), factor in the accidental spills and breakages that come with the entertaining territory. Traditional dining tables seat 10-12, so at Zola we recommend registering for 12 pieces and up.


Denby – Azure Dinner Plate – $33

5. Fairytales can be overwhelming 
You’re getting married – congratulations! We are so excited for you and even more thrilled to help set you up for your future. But… all this excitement comes with a lot of details, and details are easy to forget. Don’t stress – there are features to help with this! Try our Thank-You Manager, iPhone App and Controlled Shipping features that are all made with your hectic schedule in mind. We know you’re busy now, so you can thank us later!

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