2016 Wedding Trends

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Drumroll, please… Our list of the top wedding trends for 2016. Check ’em out!

21st Century Wedding Registry

Long gone are the days of registering for fancy, special occasion-only china sets. Instead, couples are opting for more practical everyday items and going for the better quality and higher price version of what they already own – think upgrading your regular blender for a Vitamix with all the frills. In addition, people are opting for more experience-focused registries and honeymoon funds, like these.



We’re seeing greens everywhere, from centerpieces to bridesmaids gowns to freshly cut grass in our cocktails. We’ve even seen a wedding bouquet made entirely from local veggies! While everyone seems to be getting healthier this year, this trend is seeping into everything from decor to drinks and we’re pretty happy about it.

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Cell Phone-Free Ceremonies

Shocking, right? What’s the point of creating a hashtag that’s the perfect combination of both your names and an inside (sometimes sexual) joke? Well, it turns out iPhones are causing some uproar in the wedding photography community as more and more wedding albums are littered with arms in the air and micro screens all over the place. Yuck. Plus, celebrities have been doing this for years. We have no doubt that you’ll be hearing more and more wedding officiants ask you to turn off your phones during ceremonies in 2016. Trust us.


Family-Style Dinner

Everyone wants their wedding to be fun and shareable food is just that – way more fun. Not only is it great to catch up with old friends over a shared plate of appetizers, it’s a cost-saving trick too. As more and more couples are going for less traditional everything, family-style dinners are certainly on that track.

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