How To Create Your Dream Wedding Registry

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How to get exactly what you want for your wedding is one of the most frequently-asked questions by our Zola couples. We completely understand why—it’s not every day you get to ask for anything you want from your nearest and dearest (and coworkers, family friends, great aunts we’ve only met once, etc.). So here’s our expert advice on how to get the most out of your wedding registry.

Ask and You Shall Receive
Don’t be shy! First-timers may feel a bit of pressure to register for what they think they’re supposed to register for instead of registering for what they actually want. You may feel pressure to get your mother’s favorite china, for example, or the bread box your grandmother swears by. But ask yourself what you want and what you’ll use. Are you mostly gluten-free? Then what’s the point of a bread box? Sit with your fiancé, take a look around your apartment or house and hone in on what you want and need. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Want a cruise at dusk around NYC? An amateur wine-making kit? Add both.

Personalized Notes
Make your case for why you need that Vitamix or swanky coffee table with personalized notes on your wedding registry. Explain how those Sonos wireless speakers will amp up your Netflix and Chill game. It takes a few extra minutes, but your friends and family will love that personal touch and be more inclined to contribute.

Group Gifting
Our group gifting feature lets your friends go in on an item together. So yes, that fancy art-deco table is within your reach. And it’s particularly great for those guests who are strapped for cash. Which leads us to…

Have a Range of Price Points
To quote the movie Bridesmaids, “Help me, I’m poooor!” You’re bound to have guests from a range of financial backgrounds. Our simple planner can help you determine just how many gifts you’ll need in each price range based on the number of guests attending your wedding.

Tell People About Your Registry
You’d be shocked at how frequently this goof happens. Seriously. You’ve done all this work, created your dream wish list, added witty notes and photos, and whoops, you forgot the most important part! Post your registry link on your save the dates, invitations and website, or upload it with our easy how-to instructions. You can always add or remove gifts to your registry after you’ve shared it, too.

Cash Funds
Yes, you can just set up cash funds for absolutely anything—your honeymoon, a new home, whatever! But there are a couple secrets to getting the cash you want, though. First being, break up your cash into specific funds—an amazing dinner or excursion during your honeymoon, for example. It adds a personal touch that guests respond to. And the second is to register for a few physical gifts, too. Some of your more traditional guests will love that.

Don’t Take Your Registry Down Right After “I Do”
We all have those friends who are a little late and forgetful on seemingly everything. Bless them. So, don’t take your registry or website down right after your wedding because that one-year rule can work in both of your favors. Think about how lovely it’ll be when that Le Creuset dish unexpectedly appears on your doorstep to complete your set!

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    Getting Married June 2018, Super excited hopefully this will make things a little easier for I. 😁💍

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