Five Wedding Gift Trends for the Modern Couple

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Lucky for you, 2016 is all about individuality and letting your personality shine, especially when it comes to weddings. We’re here to officially announce that the constraints of convention are no longer—just because your mom did it, doesn’t mean you have to. Your wedding is, definitively, the time to stand out and create an event that’s an extension of who you are by putting your touch on everything from the welcome bags to the wedding vows.  There’s no need for that singular expression to stop at your registry. Modern brides are balking at tradition and choosing gifts that speak to who they are and fit into their lifestyle. So go ahead, skip the fine china. Here are five wedding gift trends you should consider for your big day:

It’s All About the Experience:
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Fact: your guests want to give you gifts, and they’re going to do so whether you register for specifics or not. But maybe decking out your place isn’t quite up your alley—the Konmari method of de-cluttering is trending after all. If the idea of bringing one more thing into your home has you thinking about forgoing your registry all together, consider adding experiences to your wish list. From cooking classes to spa treatments during your honeymoon, this trend might be the biggest we’ve seen yet for the millennial set.

Build Your Art Collection:
Online resources for cool, affordable art have never been more abundant. Why not play curator of your space and encourage guests to help build your dream gallery wall? Trust us, they’ll be thrilled to give you a present with personality, unlike that obligatory spatula set you see on most (read: all) registries. And while you’re at it, tack on a gift card for custom framing, so your new artwork is wall-ready by the time you get back from your honeymoon.

Get an Upgrade:
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Being the modern bride that you are, we’re willing to bet that you already have a blender, but it might not be the blender. Have you been eyeing that new Dyson? Is it high time your post-college, backpacking-through-Europe luggage was sent to Good Will? Now‘s the time to get the pieces you’ve been coveting, and your registry is the gateway to make it a reality.

Skip the Fine China:
Wedding Gift Trends for the Modern Bride_4
The idea of fine china is lovely and feels utterly tied to the idea of getting married (who can forget the classic scenes from Sleepless in Seattle, My Best Friends Wedding, or License to Wed?). But let’s be honest, it’s one of the least used items in the home. Today’s bride is skipping the ultra-luxe, only-for-special-occasions tableware and opting for exceptionally nice everyday dishes. Think of it as a way to elevate your daily routine and get those warm wedding feelings on a regular basis, instead of just when the gravy boat is in use.

Shop Small:
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Don’t misunderstand—we love the big-box stores. In fact, we couldn’t live without them, but there’s no reason that your registry has to be restricted to them. Your favorite indie designers and e-shops have a place on there too! We suggest mixing it up. Guests will love getting a glimpse at your unique style and they’ll thank you for introducing them to cool, under-the-radar brands.  Click here for a few of our favorites.

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