The Coolest Geode Finds to Add to Your Wedding Registry

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The hottest registry decor this season are gifts that incorporate geodes, crystals, and natural minerals. These items are colorful, fun, and add a more organic feel to any home. Geodes in particular are very popular, because they are durable and can stand up to wear and tear, even though they look quite delicate and fragile. Adding in a jewel toned color, or a natural element, provides balance among other more modern, stark pieces and will make your newlywed home pop long after the honeymoon!


Your home should be a reflection of your personal style, so if you’re drawn to geodes for their naturalistic shape or bold color, adding a few key pieces will personalize your registry for you and for your guests. Ahead, our picks for the best in geodes right now.

Wine Stopper

Start small with a true necessity for post-wedding date nights: a bottle stopper unique to your personal style.



You’ll need something to hold your leftover wedding and honeymoon guidebooks, and these agate shelf staples fit the bill.



Make a big statement with unique shapes in small doses. Like bottle stoppers and bookends, these glasses are gateway geodes – perfect if you’re color shy or usually prefer cleaner lines.



If you and your partner are a bit more adventurous, consider registering for textiles like these psychedelic throw pillows.


Bath Mat

Pair an unexpected bath mat with natural furniture or bathroom accessories, which you can add to your registry for a more balanced vibe.



If you’re looking to incorporate the geode trend but prefer a more muted palette, you’re in luck – there are gifts that fit the bill! Marble on unexpected pieces, like a cheese board, has a natural feel without the bold colors.



The geode trend is as much about shape as it is about color, so register for pieces that look and feel like gems, crystals, and minerals – even if they don’t have brilliant saturated tones. These mounted wall planters bring the outside in.



Nesting bowls with a touch of metallic let you serve up meals in style.



A gorgeous decorative candle brings light into your home with the qualities of a geode, minus the sharp edges.


Beautiful, right?! We are so on board with this chic and earthy trend. We want to hear from you! Tell us which one of these is your favorite!

As seen on Martha Stewart Weddings.

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