Breakfast in Bed Essentials

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For those mornings when you wake up feeling regal, breakfast in bed should be your first royal treatment of the day. Here are our go-to picks, specially selected for Your Highness.

Monthly Coffee Subscription


Fuel your addiction without even leaving the house! Coffee experts hand select their favorite artisanal roasts for caffeine aficionados just like you. All you have to do is sign for the package.

Butler’s Tray


This multi-purpose tray is perfect for when you’re used to being waited on hand-and-foot or just need to spice up your coffee table decor. Plus, it has an Art Deco vibe for the sophisticate in you.

Waffle Dippers Pan


Attention! This is not your average wedding registry waffle maker. Say goodbye to boring old squares and welcome waffle sticks into your life. Perfect for dipping and getting that batter-to-syrup ratio just right.

Compact Juice Fountain


Nothing like a fresh glass of OJ in the morning, right? This juicer has all the functions you love from bigger versions, just in a more compact size. City dwellers, rejoice!

Morandi Bud Vase


These versatile bud vases put the finishing touch on your in-house (apartment) hospitality experience. Their clean lines even make weeds look chic.

Compact Steel Frame Dishrack


This steel frame dishrack makes clean-up a cinch so you can get right back in bed. What’s a better endorsement than that?

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