Beginner’s Guide To: Luggage

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As you’re packing up and heading out of town for the holidays, we figured luggage must be on your mind. Well, maybe that Thanksgiving meal is top priority, but sure, luggage too. So, what better time for a little lesson on luggage? We highly recommend registering for this travel essential, but some questions come to mind. How many bags should you register for? What material is best for you? What about all those different sizes? Let’s break it down, shall we?

Hard vs. Soft

We recommend using hard luggage for protecting fragile items. Hardside suitcases tend to have soft interiors like foam, perfect for keeping your things safe. As for soft material suitcases, they’re great for fitting in tight spaces since they mold to the space they’re in. They also can expand so if you’re planning to shop on your trip, you can shove those extra pieces in without a problem. Luckily, both tend to be pretty lightweight these days so you don’t have to worry about weight being an issue.

Choosing a size

Consider your travel style when choosing what size luggage to register for. Do you usually take quick weekend or business trips? Or are most of your travel plans extended? If you travel often for short periods of time, opt for a carry-on and/or garment bag that fits your needs. If long vacations are more common for you, choose a medium to large size bag to accommodate your trip. For a complete set that fit most travel styles, we recommend registering for one carry-on, one medium sized suitcase, and one garment bag for each of you.

Color is key

We always recommend opting for a less conventional color, especially if you’re checking a bag, so that it will stand out easily amongst the masses. Black can get lost in the crowd, so try something bright like red or purple, or something less common like beige or blue. These are some of our favorite colorful suitcases that are sure to stand out:

colorful luggage

Shop colorful luggage:

1. ORANGE – Samsonite Winfiled 2 28″ Spinner Upright
2. GREEN – Tumi Alpha 2 22″ Internatinoal Expandable Carry-on
3. BLUE – Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 25″ Spinner
4. PINK – Samsonite Fiero 28″ Spinner


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