5 Wedding Gifts for Jetsetters

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Wedding registries are anything but ordinary these days. Now more than ever, couples are registering for products and experiences that complement their jetset lifestyle. From vacation funds, travel accessories and one-of-a-kind experiences, almost anything goes. Whether you have plans to backpack through South America or lounge in a bungalow off the Caribbean, these wedding gifts will help get you there:

5 Weddings Gifts for Jetsetters


Photo c/o @doyoutravel on Instagram

#1 Perfect Carry-On Luggage by Bric

Have you heard? Luggage takes the cake as the number one gift couples regret not registering for. Out of a survey of over 625 engaged and newly married couples, approximately 25% wish they added luggage to the list. It’s a quality gift you will always need, so let your guests help you invest in something that will last.


#2 Molded Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

Avoid starting your honeymoon with a crick in your neck! Register for a travel pillow, so you can arrive to your destination blissful and balanced. Plus, you can use it to snuggle up to your new spouse on the journey!


#3 Go Pro

This camera packs quite the punch. Document your adventures on land, underwater, in the air, and beyond. Better yet, it’s light and easy to pack into a purse or small bag for all of your day trip adventures!


#4 Voyageur Double-Zip Wristlet

For the evenings when you just need your phone, wallet and a few essentials, this wristlet comes in handy. Traveling light is key to a breezy and hassle-free vacation. Leave your backpack and over-stuffed purse at the hotel, so you have all hands on deck when taste-testing every delicious dish your destination has to offer.


#5 MH30 On-Ear Headphone

A fantastic set of headphones is something everyone wants, but never buys for themselves. If you were waiting for a sign, this is it!  Register for a pair you both will enjoy. You can tune into your favorite podcast, or tune each other out if need be!


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