The 5 Knives Every Kitchen Needs

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From chef’s knives to shears, cutlery can be an intimidating category. With cutlery blocks of up to 17 pieces or more, how do you decide which knives you’ll actually use? With help from Zola’s experts, we took our Wüsthof knives for a test spin and rounded up the top five knives every kitchen needs.

1. Paring

A paring knife is a small, thin knife known for fine cuts and easy maneuvering. You’ll use it for peeling fruits and vegetables. Think prepping your potatoes for some yummy mash, or trimming the ends off green beans.

Try this:
paring knife

2. Chef

Chef’s knives are essential, all-purpose knives that can be used for dicing, chopping, mincing, or any everyday kitchen task. Basically, this is a must-have anytime you’re whipping something up.

Try this:
chef's knife

3. Utility

A utility knife is a cross between a paring and a chef’s knife. It’s perfect for any task that is not delicate enough to require a paring knife but may be too delicate for a chef’s knife. Tip: It can also be used as an an all-purpose knife for beginners.

Try this:

utility knife knives every kitchen needs

4. Shears

Kitchen shears (a.k.a. scissors) have a range of uses, including trimming meats and snipping herbs. Many models separate for easy cleaning. Tip: Although we’re guilty of this, try your best to resist using your kitchen shears when opening a package. Unfortunately, these household uses quickly reduce the sharpness of your blades.

Try this:

kitchen shears knives every kitchen needs

5. Bread Knife

Bread knives feature a long blade with a serrated edge. Their shape allows the blade to slice through thick crusts without crushing the soft interior. Can you say Challah French Toast? Mmmm.

Try this:

bread knife knives every kitchen needs


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