5 Kitchen Tools Real Chefs Register For

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Back at our Los Angeles Zola Townhouse, we had the pleasure of working with Pace Webb, executive chef and owner of Taste of Pace, her catering company. She’s one of the most sought-after chefs on the LA food scene and after she cooked for our events, we could see why. She makes the type of food that is so pretty, but you’re not-at-all scared to eat it because you know it will be insanely delicious. And it was! Then we started chatting with her and we became full-fledged fans. We asked our new friend to tell us what real chefs like herself would register for. Here are her top five kitchen must-haves.

Signature Round Dutch Oven, Le Creuset
Flame, 5.5 quart


“A right of passage for any adult—chef or not—is to own their very own Le Creuset piece! The Dutch Oven is an absolute staple of any kitchen and can last for generations. This all-purpose cookware is perfect for creating stews, cooking vegetables or grains, and one-pot meals. I love to braise meat in my Dutch Oven, especially during the winter months. There’s nothing like having a warm plate of red wine braised short ribs during the winter.”

d5 Brushed Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set by All-Clad


“A lot of people choose teflon or “non-stick” cookware for their starter sets in the kitchen. I want this trend to be put behind us! Teflon pans are only ideal for cooking eggs, but stainless steel appliances are fantastic for cooking everything else, especially from a brand like All-Clad. This 10-piece set has all the essentials for a kitchen, whether you’re a chef or just starting out. And if properly cared for, this brushed stainless steel set will last forever.”

Professional Series Heritage 750 Blender by Vitamix
Copper,” 64 ounce


“Believe the hype—this is the BEST blender ever made. Using a Vitamix is similar to living in black and white and then seeing in color for the first time, no joke. It’s well worth the investment being built like a commercial-grade machine, but with the style and sophistication you want for a home kitchen. Trust me, it’s like having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen!”

Prep 9 Food Processor by Cuisinart


“A food processor has been a staple in my kitchen since I was a child. And you can’t go wrong with one by Cuisinart. It’s fantastic for creating vegetable purees, fresh pesto, salsas, and more. For baking, they’re perfect for making pie crusts, cookie dough, and biscuits.”

Classic Ikon 3-Piece Knife Starter Set by Wüsthof


“Forget the knife block! These three pieces are the ideal starter set for any kitchen. The paring knife is perfect for peeling apples, coring tomatoes, and preparing citrus for cocktails. With a 6-inch utility knife, chopping up small vegetables is a breeze. And for larger produce and proteins, an 8-inch utility knife is exactly what you need.”


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  1. I have used many kitchen tools but I have never seen food processor like this, it is a new one. I like this food processor.

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