3 Things to Know About Your Registry Within Zola Weddings

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Already registered with Zola and unsure what Zola Weddings means for your wedding registry? We got you. Sit back, pour a glass of bubbly, and listen in on these three things to know about your registry.

We didn’t touch your registry.

You’ve still got every benefit that has made Zola the fastest-growing registry around, including guests, experiences and funds in one place, free shipping, price matching, and group gifting. So, the only thing Zola Weddings does to your registry is… make it more awesome.

We integrate so you and your guests can celebrate.

If you decide to create a beautiful (and free) wedding website with Zola Weddings, we’ll automatically integrate it into your site. Not only will your registry look beautiful on your website, but your guests can shop your wedding gifts directly on your site. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Say goodbye to millions of tabs.

You can manage your registry on your Zola Weddings dashboard alongside your wedding website, checklist, and guest list. Because your browser tabs shouldn’t multiply by the second, and your desktop shouldn’t be littered with spreadsheets.

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