Warm Up With These Hot Chocolate Recipes

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With the cold here to stay, we thought we’d warm you up with these hot chocolate recipes. Treat yourselves to recipes that put a twist on your classic cup of hot cocoa. Who knew hot chocolate could come in so many varieties?!

French Vanilla Hot Chocolate
A rich and creamy recipe you won’t be able to resist. Get the full recipe on Domestically Blissful.

Cookies & Cream Frozen Hot Chocolate
abeautiful mess
Even though it’s freezing outside, we figured we could make one exception to our “warm-only” rule for A Beautiful Mess’s Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Healthy Vegan Hot Cocoa
Deliciously Ella
Don’t miss out on the decadent fun just because dietary restrictions. Try this recipe from Deliciously Ella, which uses almond milk instead of dairy, for a vegan friendly twist.

Salted Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate
Salted peanut butter + chocolate = a combo we can’t resist. Warm up with One Ordinary Day’s recipe.

We’ll use any excuse we can get for a taste of Nutella. The Kitchn gives you options for small and big batches, so invite some friends over and let them in on the delicious fun.

Images || (Feat.) How Sweet It Is, (1) Domestically Blissful, (2) A Beautiful Mess, (3) Deliciously Ella, (4) One Ordinary Day, (5) Maureen Petrosky on The Kitchn


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