Assemble Your Thanksgiving Buffet in 5 Easy Steps

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while you’re prepping your food and welcoming guests, we’re here to help you setup your dinner. If you’re going for a casual, buffet style dinner, simply follow these easy steps to create the perfect Thanksgiving buffet.

1. Layer your linens

Though an easy step to forget, lining your countertop or buffet table with linens is key to creating a complete look. Try starting with a tablecloth and adding placemats on top, where the serving trays will go, for a layered look that’s pleasing to the eye. Choose fall hues or stick with your personal taste. We’re big fans of this charcoal tablecloth with fun geometric detail.


2. Place your serving dishes

Place the larger items on the table first, like your serving dishes. If your linens are bolder and more colorful, stick with simple serving platters in white and wood. The combination of these white platters with this wooden tray would create the perfect rustic vibe.

wooden tray

3. Organize your plates, forks, knives…

Add a stack of plates to the beginning of the line so it’s easy for guests to grab and go. As for flatware, display them in unconventional organizers like mason jars or colorful vases. We recommend placing your flatware before and after the line of food as guests often forget to grab their utensils when they’re so focused on that yummy food.

4. Place your food in the best order

The buffet order is key when it comes to creating a seamless experience. We recommend starting with apps and salads, then moving on to the main dish. After that comes sides and finally desserts.

5. Finishing touches

Once you’ve got your food, serving dishes, and dinnerware set up, it’s time for some finishing touches. Grab festive items like pine cones, pumpkins, or gourds and place them throughout the buffet table, wherever you see any empty spot. These bud vases add a warm and welcoming touch. Now that the ambiance is set, go eat the best meal of the year and enjoy!


Image Credit || Martha Stewart


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