How to Style a Bookshelf with Homepolish’s Orlando Soria

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There is an art that comes with styling a bookshelf. Gone are the days of simply dumping hoards of books on a shelf just for the sake of storage. Bookshelves can offer so much personality to a home, and it’s a wonderful way to invite creative and artful elements into your space. The books you find on a neatly-styled bookshelf may or may not ever get a page turn, but how gorgeous do they look all stacked for display?! The answer: sooo gorgeous.

Last week, we met up with Homepolish’s Creative Director Orlando Soria for his expert opinion on bookshelf styling. Read on to find out his tips and tricks.

5 Tips to Style a Bookshelf

#1 Add Books (since it’s a bookshelf and all…)

Books on books on books! Distribute books across the shelves, so they balance each other from side to side. Avoid lining up books in a vertical row to keep the flow moving throughout. We love using decorative books to add personality to the vignette. See Zola’s selection of decorative and coffee table books.


#2 Add Objects

Fill in objects that keep the eye moving across the shelves. Choose a smaller focal point like this Muse Dora Maar Bowl by Jonathan Adler to make it interesting. Another hot tip? Put bowls on books! Take Orlando’s word for it – it just works! We used bowls by Chris Earl and Hawkins New York.



#3 Mix Materials

Bring in new materials such as metallics, wood and ceramics. It creates a rich shelf-scape, and visually adds texture to your bookshelf. Try a wooden tray like this one by Villeroy & Boch, and even swap in a wooden picnic basket from Picnic at Ascot to hide and store any clutter you don’t want on display. For a statement punch, mix in a metallic object such as this Bank Pig by Areaware.


#4 Bring in Lighting

Lighting is a must. It creates warmth for the atmosphere, and it makes the room feel extra cozy. We love Orlando’s placement using the JWDA Concrete Lamp by Menu. Just the perfect touch for this stylin’ bookshelf.


#5 Make it Artsy

To tie it all together, pull in your favorite piece of art to put on display. You can register for a Minted gift card on Zola to choose the best piece for your gorgeous space. A framed piece of art is the final touch it takes to marry all of the elements on your bookshelf. Then, voila!


For a more in depth tutorial on bookshelf styling, check out the recap of our Facebook Live with Orlando!

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