Spring Cleaning Essentials

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With the start of spring comes the annual tradition of a complete and thorough cleaning of your home. It’s time to get rid of clutter, dust off your shelves, and wash out all that set-in dirt.

If you and your spouse are looking forward to spring cleaning as newlyweds (or just want to be prepared), here are some tips on where to begin and a few must-have registry items to get your home in tip-top shape for warmer weather. So, put on your favorite playlist, grab all of your cleaning supplies, and get started, together!

Cleaning your Floors
registry checklist _ 1Spring cleaning means vacuuming everything, including carpets, rugs, and hardwood floors. You might even vacuum your couches to get into all the nooks and crannies! For this kind of heavy duty cleaning, you might need some powerful equipment. Dyson Vacuums will help you get rid of all that dust and dirt and refresh your home for the spring months.

dyson_205779_A_1600  dyson_209560_A_1600 dyson_206033_A_640

1. Dyson’s Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum
2. Dyson’s V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum
3. Dyson’s Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy Upright Vacuum

Replacing Your Worn Bathroom Accessories
Spring cleaning is a great time to replace your shower curtain (we love this one!) and freshen up bathroom rugs (we love this plush white one). These get worn and moldy during the winter months, and your bathroom will look brighter by replacing a few simple accessories. Check out our collection of shower curtains and bath mats here.

Re-Organizing Your Kitchen
A large part of spring cleaning is getting rid of clutter. Get rid of excess stuff that as built up over the winter and start new. Start with your kitchen cabinets. Take everything out, throw out what you don’t use, and place everything in new organizers – a must have for spring cleaning. These storage containers are perfect for all of your different food items:

jjoseph_foodstorecarousel_C_640  olddutch_hammeredcannister_steel_A_1600  oxo_goodgrips_popcontainerset_5piece_D_1600  duralex_storage5piece_A_640

1. Joseph Joseph’s Food Store 7-Piece Carousel Set
2. Old Dutch’s 4-Piece Hammered Canister Set
3. OXO’s Good Grips Pop Container Set
4. Duralex’s 5-Piece Storage Set

Tidying Up Your Living Areas
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In your living areas, organize your blankets and magazines in assorted bins and baskets. Yes, this is a quick fix, but you will be amazed at how much cleaner it makes your home feel. These containers are perfect for storing all your knick knacks and will add a super chic look to your home:

gohome_market_basket_17_A_1600  gohome_basket_set_18_A_1600  gohome_carting_baskets_16_A_1600  gohome_seagrass_basket_16.5_A_1600

1. GoHome’s Market Basket, Set of 2
2. GoHome’s Basket Set
3. GoHome’s Carting Basket, Set of 2
4. GoHome’s Seagrass Basket, Set of 3

When you are finally done with all your spring cleaning, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back. Reward yourselves with a delicious dinner for two and relax with a glass of wine in your newly cleaned home!

Images || (Featured) Bjurfors via Daily Dream Decor  | (1) Skye Parrott via Design Sponge | (2) El Mueble via Daily Dream Decor


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