A DIY Holiday With Styling Star Candice Lorraine Beaty

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Here at Zola, we’re constantly looking for new ways to elevate everyday objects to new heights for photo shoots, editorials, or simply our own dinner table. So with the holidays upon us, we’re beyond excited to pick the brain of Candice Lorraine Beaty, event planner and styling wiz whose DIY holiday ideas are out-of-the-box, whimsical, and simply stunning. Read on to steal some major style inspiration, tips and tricks for a holiday that won’t break the bank. candice1

How to bring the outdoors in?                                                                                              

When we go to pick out our Christmas tree, I scavenge at Home Depot! There is that section with all of the trees where they cut off the end of the tree (for some amazing scientific reason that I don’t understand, something about trees needing water, I dunno!). There is always, always, always a big barrel of Christmas tree clippings and tree stumps – I TAKE ALL OF THEM! The tree clippings, I put along the mantle, multiple branches in vases, or on the tops of dressers or shelves. They provide great greenery that smells amazing and stays green for a long time.treeAlso in this Home Depot bin are tiny little tree stump stubs – I have used them in so many ways! Sometimes I line my dining room table with them lying flat and put pillar candles on top of them. It adds height and dimension to the candles and also keeps them from dripping on my table. I have also superglued the thinner slices to a black piece of foam board and made it into a faux fire place decor – I actually keep these all year long! It’s a great way to make a fireplace feel full without actually filling it with wood slices. Also an easily moveable piece for those nights when it does suddenly get cold and a fire is mandatory.


Carry on Tradition (without breaking the bank)

A favorite holiday tradition between my girlfriends and I is our annual We Wreath You A Merry Christmas party! We all forage greenery and come together to make wreaths! It ends up being a beautiful potluck of friends and creatives – it is such an inexpensive and great gathering! Plus, making your own wreath?! C’mon, that is the best wife/homemaker status right there!


Scents and Sensibility 

Cinnamon sticks are my absolute favorite smell during the holiday season! I make sure that I buy TOO many of them from the grocery store – they are so inexpensive and they completely change a space. I pile them in bowls for a simple centerpiece, and put them in the bottom of a glass hurricanes with candles to add to the aroma. Sometimes I just randomly stick them around the home. The BEST is when I take a sliced orange, cinnamon sticks and tons of nutmeg spices, and put them in a pot of boiling water and just let the smell OVERTAKE the house – way cheaper than burning candles all of the time!

Skirting the Issue

Let’s face it, tree skirts are expensive (at least the nice ones we all love). Instead, use a beautifully woven blanket to cover the base of the tree? I have used some of the coziest and fun-patterned blankets to add a creative touch, meanwhile being able to reuse it and keep it out all year long. Yes, money saving!!coyuchi

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

I wrap up boxes that are lying around the house. Yep, sounds insane, but your first couple of Christmases are NOT necessarily going to include a tree completely stocked up with presents. Sometimes one or two presents under the tree actually looks sad and not full and friendly. So I started wrapping up boxes that were lying around – it helps me with my present wrapping skills! Plus, it’s a great excuse to buy different fun colored wrapping papers! And now my tree looks like it has lots of presents underneath it! I also stacked some “wrapped presents”  around the fireplace, underneath our entryway desk…it’s a fun holiday look.

Reinvent the Advent Calendar 

Advent Calendars can be so adorable, but we don’t all have the money to buy 25 tiny little present for our beloveds. I took good ‘ole brown paper bags and had a dollar store shopping spree. Filling them with favorite candies, coupons for date nights or favorite dinners or little love notes…I had so much fun hiding the brown paper bags around the home. They added a little Christmas spirit and tons of laughs!



We can’t help but crush on Candice – be sure to visit her site to learn more, and we hope you can use some of her tricks of the trade for tricking out your own home this holiday season!
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