5 Tips to Planning Romantic Weekend Getaways

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Looking to escape the buzz of the city, stress of work, and wedding planning? Turn the world off for just a few days by escaping with your fiancé on a simple weekend getaway. Summer is the best time to get out and adventure, so if you’re working on mastering that 48 hour trip and plan on spending some romantic one-on-one time with your other half, we have some tips for you.

Pick Somewhere Remote
Find a hidden beach, get away in the woods, or even visit a random town that’s not a typical weekend destination. This way you’ll avoid crowds and get to enjoy each other’s company without all of the noise and distractions.

Make it a Surprise 
couple running on the beach
If you can, make your trip (or part of it) a surprise. Tell your fiancé to pack a bag, but don’t tell them where you’re going. The anticipation will add an element of flirtation and excitement that you’ll both love.

Travel Close to Home 
FHH Chairs
Forty-eight hours is not a long period of time, so don’t get overly ambitious and end up spending the entire trip in a car or an airport. You want to do something that’s easy, relaxing, and allows you to focus on the important things instead of being burdened with the hassle of travel plans.

Splurge on the Hotel
Get a nice hotel room – you’ll probably end up spending a lot of time in it. Find a room with a romantic view and a comfortable bed you won’t want to leave (room service anyone?).

Be Spontaneous 
If you haven’t planned ahead, don’t think you can’t just get in the car and go. Some of the most romantic adventures are the unplanned ones, so be bold with those free weekends and explore.

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