A Lesson on Bookshelf Styling

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While we firmly believe that books should remain the focus of any bookshelf, some rules are meant to be bent! Your shelves have the potential to tell a story through the company your books keep. Here are some creative bookshelf styling tips and ways to curate your library collection to show off your keepsakes right alongside the literature you love.

Get Creative with Colorcolorful_bookshelves
Paint the inside of your shelves in a bold hue if you’re craving a dramatic backdrop, or arrange your books into color collections for a strong ombré effect.

Play with Proportionsemilyhenderson_bookshelfKnick-knacks, vases, and souvenirs from your travels lend a sculptural feel to your stacks. Use the sculpturally stunning White Frost Chisel Vases from Design Ideas as an alternative to classic bookends for a whimsical touch, or lean a print against an open space to add some height and serve as a backdrop for a smaller object.

Get Daring with Directionlonny_bookshelf
The debate of horizontal versus vertical stacks doesn’t need to happen! The most interesting shelves incorporate both for an eclectic mix. Lay your coffee table books on their side, and top with a trinket box like the Menu Jar with Lid.  This stack can even serve a dual purpose of propping up a vertical row of reads!

Opt for Some Open Space apartmenttherapy_bookshelfSometimes less is more, and leaving some breathing room between objects allows the eye to really focus on key pieces and the titles at the forefront of your book collection. You want your shelves to look collected rather than cluttered, so don’t miss out on the rewards of minimalism.

Images || (Feat.) Apartment 34, (1) Centsational Girl + Heather Zerah Interiors for StyleCaster, (2) Zeke Ruelas for Emily Henderson, (3) Lonny, (4) Bethany Nauert for Apartment Therapy


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    Love these styling tips!
    (and the throwback Ouija board – classic).

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