How to Find Your Newlywed Home Scent: Tips from the Founder & CEO of Red Flower

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Your spouse-to-be’s a minimalist. You’re a maximalist. They love pops of color. You’re a fan of neutrals. Merging tastes with your spouse-to-be can be difficult, especially when you’re deciding on the perfect scent for your home.

So we went to Red Flower, a body care and beauty product company with an emphasis on wellness and the environment, and chatted up their founder and CEO, Yael Alkalay. Find out how to find the right essence for you as a couple, secrets about their candles and more.

1. What advice would you give to an engaged couple looking to choose a scent for their newlywed home?

What a fantastic question! You want to find a scent that makes the you both feel at home, as well as one that represents long-lasting union, a bond. Scent is a wonderful way to share and communicate without words and so many factors affect how a couple might experience scent (time of day, proximity to water, size of space to name a few). I recommend thinking long term, so look for something universal, like Red Flower’s Ocean, which has essential oils that ground and refresh you, plus enhance your mood… all things you can use more of every day, right? It’s a process finding out what scent is right for you, so explore a little before settling on “the one.”

2. Is it ever OK to mix multiple scents in a room or within a household?

Absolutely! We like to create “scent cocktails” at our boutique on Prince Street in Nolita, NYC, by pairing complementary candles. One of our favorites is the combination of the euphoric I​ndian Jasmine Petal Topped Candle​ with the uplifting I​talian Blood Orange Petal Topped Candle​. The citrus notes blend beautifully together. For a romantic combination, the pairing of the M​oroccan Rose Petal Topped Candle​ and W​anderlust Petal Topped Candle​ fills the air with velvety rose and smoky wood—perfect for a cozy night in.

3. What is Red Flower’s most popular scent?

Our Red Flower Petal Topped Candles are top sellers across the full scent range that we offer and the French Lavender and Icelandic Moonflower scents are consistent favorites. We’ve found some of our patrons choose candles based on season, too. Spring is filled with the floral embrace of Japanese Peony while the summer months are often scented with Ocean, Spanish Gardenia, and Italian Blood Orange. In the fall, Indian Jasmine and Moroccan Rose fill homes with warmth, and come holiday season, Wanderlust is the top choice.

4. What’re the differences between registering for a candle versus registering for a diffuser?

Our petal-topped candles are small, but powerful, and each one provides over 50 hours of breathing, watching, lighting and living. Diffusers are a great alternative to candles since they can be safely unattended. At Red Flower, we ritually turn the palm reeds at least once a week for a boost of fragrance and while entertaining guests, we love placing the diffuser by the front door so guests are immediately transported upon entering your home. Each Red Flower diffuser lasts up to 12 months. My personal favorite of our diffusers is the Orange Blossom Intensely-Scented Organic Room Diffuser. I pair it with the I​talian Blood Orange Petal Topped Candle​ for a scent combination that is ​like pure sunlight, enlivening he spirit and mind. Some people don’t realize this, but the vessels for both our diffusers and candles are recycled glass and can be repurposed as flower vases or even tabletop decorations for weddings. One bride even repurposed the candle vases as drinking glasses—check out the photo below!

5. All of the Red Flower candles include scented petals that can be emptied into a small dish to subtly scent a room. What are some best practices for displaying dried out flowers or scented petals?

Our customers are a constant source of inspiration. We had a couple who lived long-distance for a period of time, and they wrote each other love letters back and forth. In the letters, the now-husband placed petals from the ​I​ndian Jasmine Petal Topped Candle​ inside. She collected each petal in muslin bags for around her home, in her luggage, and in her purse to always remind herself of his love while they were apart. Then at their wedding, they sprinkled all the petals she saved on the tables.

We were also so honored to be involved in another bride’s day. She told us that she inserted the petals from our Japanese Peony candles in her wedding invitations, then burned just four of the large ones at the outside reception of her destination wedding in Jamaica. She gave the travel-sized candles as favors to her guests as a memento and to this day, the sweet aroma from these candles brings her back to her wedding day.


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