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August nights are meant to be spent outdoors, so why get stuck inside watching movies on your couch? Recreate the magical feel of those outdoor screenings in the park or drive-in theaters in your own backyard. From a dreamy set-up to tasty twists on movie theater treats, you’ll have the perfect romantic set of for a date night or get together with friends.

Makeshift Screen
Making a movie screen in your backyard is actually surprisingly easy. All you’ll need is a white sheet, a rope to hang it up, a DVD player (this can be a laptop), a projector, and a sound system. Try to work with what you have – if you have a white wall facing the grass, that can be used instead of the sheet. If there’s a fence, pin the sheet up on the fence. If you want to get a little fancier with your screen, follow these easy DIY Steps.

Theater Chic 
Backyard movie nights are all about the ambiance. This looks complicated to recreate, but it’s really all about dragging those comfortable cushions or blankets outside and adding some light. So what will you need?
movie_1 movie_2
First, set the scene with string lights and lanterns. Use neutral poofs as ottomans and sturdy trays where possible as surfaces to place a candle or a drink. Then lay out blankets – don’t be afraid to sit on the ground! Another thing that works here is using a rug. Finally, add a lot of pillows to make everything more comfortable. The more the better. Remember, nothing has to match perfectly. The end result will be a relaxed, whimsical, countryside look.

Register for these to get that perfect look for your next outdoor movie:
bulbrite_stringstarlight_A_640 thomaspaul_honeycomb_canvaspillow_apple_18_A_640 jaipur_herringbone_throw_iguana_A_640 gohome_vintagesack_ottoman_20_A_640
1. Bulbrite Outdoor String Lights with Starlight Bulbs
2. Thomaspaul Honeycomb Canvas Pillow
3. Jaipur Herringbone Throw
4. Gohome Vintage Sack Ottoman

Movie Snacks, But Better 
Everyone has their go-to movie snack, but since you’re doing this at home you can get a little creative with the food. Include the standard candy fare – Junior Mints, Whoppers, Milk Duds, Sour Patch Kids, or Twizzlers. With the popcorn, avoid the prepackaged microwavable kind. Make your own and add some unique flavors. We highly recommend trying this Siracha Honey Popcorn Recipe.
one_kings_lane_outdoor_movie_night_watermelon one_kings_lane_outdoor_movie_night_nachos
On separate tables throughout the backyard, set up plates of fresh fruit (you can never go wrong with watermelon in the summer) and layered dips or nachos. Try this amazing and filling Loaded Pulled Pork Nachos Recipe.

Have all the essentials for your movie theater eats by register for these:
acaciaware_s4ovalplates_A_640 cuisinart_popcornmaker_A_640  dansk_burbs_melamine_servingbowl8_A_640 canvas_glassicechiller_small_6.75_B_640
1. Acaciaware Oval Appetizer Plate, Set of 4
2. Cuisinart EasyPop Hot Air Popcorn Maker 
3. Dansk Burbs Melamine Serving Bowl
4. Canvas Home Glass Ice Chiller

Picking the Flick 
Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 4.55.59 PM
You went through all the effort of setting up the evening, don’t let it be ruined by watching a not so awesome movie. For backyard movie nights, we’re big fans of old-time classic flicks. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Dirty Dancing, and Grease are some of our go-tos. For this August, we highly recommend re-watching Wet Hot American Summer.

Images || (Featured) Paul Ferney via Oh Happy Day (1) Anthropologie Blog (2) Pottery Barn via Apartment Therapy | (3,4) Brandon Kidd via 100 Layer Cake (5, 6, 7) One Kings Lane | (8) Urbanic Instagram



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