Bring Zen to Your Den

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It’s hard to remember the last time you got to stay in and just do you, right? Busy schedules full of work events, wedding planning, family obligations and those things you just can’t miss leave very little time for relaxing. These picks help bring a little zen into your life, so when you come home you can check the chaos at the door.

Herringbone Throw


Curl up on the couch with this luxe cotton throw for the ultimate ‘me time’ experience. Veg out with a cozy blanket with tons of warm, calming colors to choose from.

Gordon Ramsay 3-Piece Beverage Set


Soothe your soul with a cup of hot tea. This 3-piece set comes in tranquil tones and features everything you need for a relaxing tea time. Just add water.

Zola Exclusive 3-Piece Mini Vase Set


If waking up with fresh flowers everyday seems like a bit of a stretch, try these mini bud vases that look great empty, too. You could also pick some dandelions on your way home from the office and pop them right in for a natural look.

Bamboo Bottle Opener


Our Bamboo Bottle Opener brings the zen into your life with natural materials, from its bamboo handle to its iron opener. So grab a cold one and wind down the old fashioned way.

Tessa Black Large Abstract Bowl


Don’t let your miscellaneous knickknacks and loose change stress you out. Give them a new home in this stone bowl that looks great on any surface. Its natural aesthetic will overpower any anxiety that its contents may give you.

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